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Santa Dalmatian Storyteller


Upright Dalmatian dog storyteller with red Santa hat on its head; 4 little puppies sitting on his paws. Natural clay, clay slips, plant paint for the black.

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If a Dalmatian can have blue eyes, why not a Santa hat, too?  Complete with substantial collar, as well as that hat, this doggie parent seems to be crooning holiday songs to the four little ones. Judging by their solemn expressions, his voice isn’t the finest, or they are getting a bit bored! Maybe they are waiting for a livelier tune.

Traditionally made from local clay and clay slips, with plant-derived black spots and accents, this storyteller is a modern and gently amusing version, just right for the holidays, and smile-making all year long.

Children will enjoy the silly idea of a dog wearing a hat; adults will enjoy the creativity and decorative execution, as well as the paradox.  Smiles for all, and for all, a good time.

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Clay Slips, Natural Clay, Natural Pigment


6" high x 4 1/2" wide x 1 1/2"