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Sandpainting Plaque


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An impressive plaque, by a young basket-maker. Tightly coiled and crisply defined, the design depicts Yeis, Navajo spirits.

It is her interpretation of a sand painting composition. The cross motifs refer to the four geographic directions, where it is hoped the blessings, symbolized in the design, will extend.

The colors are both graphic and mellow.  Natural dried and stripped yucca leaves make up the background. The red is dyed and natural devil’s claw is black.

The design is dramatic, with a nice combination of the traditional and the creative. Each element is cleanly delineated.

Boldly decorative, it is large enough to be a focal point in your home. Hang it, prop it up on a stand, or lie it flat.

It is good to see a younger woman creating in this difficult medium. Basketry is notoriously arduous and painstaking, requiring much patience and fortitude.

A fine plaque by an emerging artist, whose work is already widely collected.

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Natural and Dyed Yucca


14 1/2" diameter