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Salamander Fetish


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A talented Hawaiian/Zuni artist, he is now out of the military, back at Zuni, and creating marvelous, prize-winning fetishes, which are also, really, table sculptures.

This superlative salamander, is carved from one solid piece of “Bumblebee” jasper, with wonderful, reptilian eyes of Tiger’s Eye.

Both materials are natural.

In this brilliant carving, masterful control of the wildly variegated stone vibrantly simulates the changeable hues of a salamander, even though the colors are not necessarily naturalistic.

The preponderance of soft green and vivid golds does suggest the creature’s ability to change color, blending in with different surroundings.

Using natural tiger’s eye for the eyes,  adds bit of realism, since it resembles a reptile’s eye.

Also, the gold streak in the center of the stone integrates the color palette.

This fine-looking reptile is perched on a carved rock; notice how the claws are realistically carved, as is the realistic, graceful curl of the long tail.

From every angle, like a fine sculpture, this meticulously carved salamander will look handsome, perched on your shelf, table, desk or mantel.

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Natural "Bumblebee" Jasper, Tiger Eye


2 3/8" H x 2 1/2" W x 1 1/2" Deep