Sacred Rain Pendant


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This young man is blessed in his relatives: nephew of famous carver Wilmer Kaye, and famed jeweler Sonwai, he is the son of noted jeweler Sherian Honhongva, and grandnephew of that magisterial artist, the late, legendary Charles Loloma.

Not surprising that he himself has a fine reputation as both a kachina carver and jeweler!

This striking pendant is serenely dramatic, contrasting the glittery, textured silver with the smooth expanse of rich blue, natural lapis.

The silver background is stepped at one end, a traditional symbol of rain, and also, of steps to the sacred kivas, where ceremonies are prepared and enacted.

The texture on the silver glistens like a surface wet with rain; the large, glorious, lapis stone is a gorgeous foil, with its graceful oval form and opaque, uniform surface.

Simple juxtapositions of curves and right angles, as well as nubbly and smooth textures, creates a beautiful counterpoint.

The blue of the natural lapis symbolizes water, as does the stepped rain form, and the glinting texture, of the silver.

Striking, graceful and serene, all at once, this is a splendid pendant, worthy of the jeweler’s ancestry.

It would look sublime on one of al joe’s silver collars, elsewhere on this site, or on beads, heishi…you name it.

Whatever you attach it to, this is one gorgeous pendant by an up-and-coming, young and gifted artist.

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Natural Lapis, Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L x 1" W