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Rustic Gold and Silver Earrings


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Considered among the leading contemporary jewelers, Vernon and his equally famous brother, Marco, learned from their father, then developed their own visions.These earrings represent the organic style of many of Vernon’s pieces.


The silver is manipulated to a free-form shape that ends in the stepped rain design. the wavy curve of one side represents flowing water and/or clouds. Both are the ultimate good luck in the desert, but wait…water must be balanced with sunlight to produce a thriving harvest, so there are 14-karat gold circles to complete the partnership. These sun symbols are lightly brushed, to accord with the hammered rustication of the silver.


Not your usual Native earrings, these are a typically intriguing, contemporary design from this multiple award-winning jeweler, whose inspiration is steeped in tradition. And, they look fabulous on!

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14k Gold, Sterling Silver


1 1/4" long x 7/8" wide