“Running With Freedom” – AS IS

Kathy (Elk Woman) Whitman


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A multiple-award-winning artist (in four different categories!) this formidably gifted lady especially enjoys sculpting animals and young people. For this wonderful piece, the artist has chosen a warm, translucent alabaster that glows when there is light behind it.


Its delicacy almost personifies the idea of an image recalled with nostalgia: a memory of her youth in the Northern Plains; of the historic bonding of Sioux people and their ponies. There is a lot of wonderful detail in this one-piece carving.


Look at the mane, for one, with a few loose hairs blowing free. The modeling of the head, hooves, and tail are also depicted with precision and sensitivity. A pattern of spots on the rump mark this horse as an Appaloosa – another telling detail. Despite the solidity of stone, this piece is all about compelling motion – mane blowing in the wind, hooves pounding the rough terrain, the rider rocking with the horse’s rhythm. The figure’s posture also contributes to this feeling; leaning forward, at one with his mount.


The stone base is sculpted into irregular chunks, mimicking rough, rocky terrain. It all sits on a smoothly rounded and finished base of wood, that forms a handsome contrast in color and texture. A beautiful memory of a bygone time, beautifully carved from a lovely stone by a stellar artist, this piece is just the right size to adorn a shelf, desk or table. Like all of Elk Woman’s work, it will be admired and enjoyed for generations.


This beautiful sculpture has been damaged and has a crack in the alabaster. The piece will be available for half off  at $575.00 and all sales will be final with this piece.


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