Running Horses Cuff


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Al Joe, peer-voted “Indian Artist of the Year”, twice in the past decade, is renowned for the pristine simplicity and elegant perfection of his work. This spectacular bracelet shows that Al is not wedded to one style, but committed to elegance of design and perfection of execution.The Navajo have always been known as fine horsemen – and still are. Here, a three-dimensional herd is cantering prettily around a magnificent background. Highly polished, each horse stands out, literally; each has been appliqued individually. The background is a gorgeous surprise; a richly swirling pattern that evokes exotic damask or silken paisley from the Indies. Barely raised above the flat band of silver, this design is dazzling in its swirling beauty and sense of blowing winds. The energy of the pattern emphasizes the motion of the horses. A raised, rounded and polished, rope border contains all the activity with solidity and sparkle. The smooth, silky interior of the cuff is as comfortable as a good saddle. Solid, perfectly crafted, and as beautifully designed as all his work; this is a piece that shows a different facet of this prize-winning artist’s talent. A bracelet that is home on the range; at home everywhere else, too.

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Sterling Silver

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1 1/8"