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Rug Pattern Rounds


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Roland Brady is one of the most original jewelers we know: his is a unique mind, intellectual and curious, profoundly spiritual, and endowed with unbelievable creativity.

He is strongly attached to his Navajo heritage, as well, and expressed it in a modern look, here.

These handsome earrings are fabricated with the same meticulous attention to design and workmanship as his more elaborate pieces.

A classic element in Navajo rug design, the clearly defined center design is flawlessly and crisply cut out of a convex circle of silver.

The pattern of perfect triangles is enhanced by the black finish of the silver below.

Tiny, stamped dots form a circular border around the gleaming silver.

Simpler than some of Roland’s more complicated work, these earrings, nevertheless, have a definite presence, and superior wearability.

This is a great opportunity to own a piece of this remarkable artist’s exacting and unique work!

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Sterling Silver


7/8" Diameter