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Rug Pattern Dangle Earrings


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A veteran silversmith, Dan blends the heritage of his weaver mother and jeweler father in his work. The variety of textured and polished elements suggests the fabric of handspun, handwoven wool.Until now, we have had only bracelets, bolos and buckles in this fascinating and popular series of designs, along with some handsome money clips. Now, he just brought some earrings, so you can coordinate with your bracelet, buckle or bolo. (Yes, real women wear bolos, too.)Painstakingly sawn out of sterling silver, using the tedious, demanding, overlay technique, the artist has combined texture, polish, and a graphic play of light and darkened silver to emphasize the classic rug pattern design.The bottom layer of silver is darkened at the edges so that a dark frame contrasts with the pale sugary texture of the rest. Delicate in looks, but sturdily made, these earrings are dainty, yet noticeable. Representing rain and the four geographic directions, as well as a classic woven motif, they are a lovely way to wear good luck, wherever you go.

Sterling Silver

Dangle Length: 2 5/8″ Width: 5/8″ Type: