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Rug Pattern Cuff with Coral Heishi


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Dan’s mother was a weaver, and his signature style is an intricate silver overlay rug pattern, honoring her.

His exceptional talent for silverwork is both innate and learned from his silversmith father, so his work honors both parents.

In this splendid version of his notable design, half of the bracelet is an overlaid, gorgeously composed, rug pattern in silver and half is devoted to a double row of rich, red, natural coral, cut into tiny heishi beads.

The coral is inlaid in a separate band of silver, which is, itself, overlaid on the base cuff. You can see this when looking at the ends of the piece.

Beautifully designed and expertly fabricated, the rug pattern is composed of three layers of silver.

The matte base is darkened with acid, but textured and left natural within the individual elements; the stepped escutcheons, and linear borders of the motifs on either side of the center, are minutely chiseled for a texture that resembles woven yarns, and brightly polished borders and designs form the top-most layer of silver.

Against the black and grey palette, highlighted by glistening, icy silver, the red coral is a fiery contrast.

Inlaid in two rows, the coral resembles tiny corn kernels. Corn is the staff of life, and the red hue also represents the earth.

Each bead was cut and inlaid by hand, and the whole bracelet was hand-fabricated, of course

This dual design is creative and beautiful, but there is even more!

The interior of the bracelet, which only you – and those you share it with – will ever know about, is a separately designed and executed overlaid silver rug pattern!

Again, some of the base silver is left unpolished, and some is darkened, to emphasize the overlaid rug design.

Two equally spectacular bracelets combined in one; beauty on the outside and beauty on the inside, in the Navajo way.

Remarkable design, and expert technique, with high-quality materials, make an exceptional bracelet, to be enjoyed for generations.

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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 3/4" + 1 1/8" Gap | 6 7/8" all around


1 3/8" W