Rug Pattern Buckle


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A prominent, award-winning jeweler, Dan works rug patterns into silver, thereby honoring both his parents: his mother was a rug weaver; his father was a jeweler.

With contrasts of texture, polish, light and dark, he has created a silver “fabric” that is stunning.

To emulate the texture of wool yarn, the rug pattern is carefully and minutely chiseled.

Overlaid stepped motifs are textured and left as is, over a more lightly textured under-layer.

The stepped edges, around the three diamond-shaped areas, are polished for glistening contrast.

The plain base silver has been darkened, to show off the overlaid designs.

With contrasts of  polished and matte surfaces, light and dark, he has created a silver “fabric” that is stunning.

Note that every part, even the working bits on the back, has been carefully fabricated by hand.

With meticulous expertise, and a loving vision, Dan Jackson has created a splendid design that is also a lasting tribute to both his mother and his father.

In a restrained size and shape, this beautiful buckle can go from rodeo to formal ball, stopping off at the office, in between.

Ladies will enjoy its look as well as men, so couples can share it!

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Sterling Silver


3 3/8" L x 1 1/2" H