Rug Pattern Bolo with Inlaid Coral Heishi


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Dan Jackson is an award-winning Navajo silversmith who is best known for his meticulous “rug pattern” etchings in silver and gold.

Dan learned silversmithing from his father, John Nez Begay, who made jewelry for over 80 years and lived to be 106 years old.  His mother, Bernice Charlie, was a weaver and is the source of Dan’s inspirations.   Visiting him in a dream, she stirred him to create his famous triple overlay rug design jewelry.

That design that he is so well-known for is perfectly exemplified in this stunning bolo.

In this splendid version of his notable design, half of the bolo is an overlaid, gorgeously composed, rug pattern in silver and half is devoted to a triple column of rich, red, natural Mediterranean coral, cut into tiny heishi beads, creating a sort of cobblestone effect that is incredibly eye-catching!  The coral is surrounded by a tapered box of sterling silver, a border between the bright red of the coral and the stark contrast of the triple-overlay rug pattern next to it.

The matte base of the bolo is darkened with acid, but textured and left natural within the individual elements; the stepped escutcheons are minutely chiseled for a texture that resembles woven yarns, and brightly polished borders and designs form the top-most layer of silver.

The tips of the bolo are hand-fabricated barrels, simple with just four total lines (a group of three, and a lower, single line) circling each.  This is a perfect complement to the brightness of the bolo and adds to the whole without detracting from the star.

This bolo can be worn by both men and women, dressed up or down…it can even be a daily driver, it is so beautifully versatile!

Remarkable design, and expert technique, with high-quality materials, make an exceptional bolo, to be enjoyed for generations.

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