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“Rug Design Buffalo Warrior”


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Noted in the past for his vibrant clay wall masks, the artist has recently explored multimedia soft sculptures, with brilliant results, as you can see.

He has titled this impressive piece”Buffalo Warrior” with rug designs. Warriors are not necessarily fighters, but examples of strength, importance, and leadership.

The simplified shape marvelously conveys the bulk and strength of this iconic symbol, while the dramatic colors and patterns symbolize good luck.

Beautifully painted canvas forms his well-filled body, with buckskin and natural feathers tied on in medicine bundles.

Medicine bundles are meant to convey the power and good luck, depicted in the piece, to the heavens, on behalf of the owner.

The “Warrior Buffalo” is painted with a lively series of designs, incorporating dots, crosses, leaves, dragonflies and zig-zag lines.

The dark and rich colors suggest the actual animal, even though not realistically.

On the front, the buffalo-brown background supports gold-hued dots and oval forms, as well as his white and grey horn.

The dots refer to raindrops, and the ovals are stylized leaves, referring to plants and crops that thrive with rainfall.

Next, there is one of two bands of handsomely colored zig-zags, denoting flowing water.

The warm and cool colors are accented with a bit of white and black. There is another, similar band on the other side of the center.

Reminiscent of a  woven saddle blanket, the center band is dark, midnight blue, covered with stubby crosses in various sizes.

Cross forms symbolize the four geographical directions; the blessings incorporated in the rest of the design are meant to spread to all four corners of the earth.

Finally, on the rump, deep red, like that seen in Navajo rugs, is the background for dragonflies and silvery crosses.

Dragonflies live around water, so the theme of water, in various forms, bringing good luck, in the form of crops, is complete.

Water is also necessary for all forms of life, including buffalo, so the general message of this vibrant piece is: the blessing of water results in enough to eat, for humans and animals – therefore, happiness and good health.

Aside from all that, this is a strikingly beautiful piece, ready to hang and decorate your wall.

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Dried Grasses, Metallic Paint, Acrylic Paint, Buckskin, Canvas, Natural Feathers, Thread


23" L x 14" H including feathers and Grasses