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Rug and Corn Cuff


Silver cuff with inlaid rug pattern in center; a cornstalk overlaid on either side. with stamping and chiseling.

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This is one of the very last pieces we have by this fine jeweler who sadly, recently joined those who are no longer with us. In this bracelet he demonstrated his mastery of overlay, inlay, and imaginative design.

The meticulous workmanship and combination of inlay and overlay are notable as always. The inlaid rug pattern in the center is a tribute to his mother, a weaver, but also a symbol for the four geographic directions. This is thematically linked to the overlaid cornstalks that add graceful form and polish to either side of the cuff. Corn is the Native staff of life, and so refers to happiness, good health, and prosperity. Placing the four-cornered motif in the center means that the good luck of the corn should extend to everyone all over the world.

This lovely message is beautifully expressed in the complex, mosaic inlay and in the exacting silver work. The glistening cornstalks stand out against the textured background, which is not darkened, so they seem to be lit by sunlight. Oval borders, one narrow and polished, one expertly stamped, frame each cornstalk. The rest of the cuff is beautifully chiseled in a sunburst pattern.

A lovely message, one beautifully expressed in silver and stone by a wonderful jeweler who will create no more. Good luck, good looks, and a good (original) piece are yours with this outstanding bracelet.

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Jasper, Jet, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Cuff Size

5 1/4"

Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

6 1/2"