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Ruffled Rosettes Necklace


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Grandson, son, and brother of famed, award-winning innovative jewelers, Dylan was included in a national museum show of cutting-edge Native jewelry before he was 30!

He is still evolving his creative, edgy, fashion-forward designs, as you can see in this innovative necklace.

He is a self-confessed modernist, who seeks to create wearable art, often with a dash of wit, like this necklace.

Seductively mysterious in their antiqued finish, three ruffled rosettes, graduated in size, hang from a strand of faceted onyx beads.

The glittering black beads offer a handsome contrast to the pewter-grey posies.

Each rosette is hand-formed of four layers of silver.

Note that the onyx beads are not all one size, but have a larger bead symmetrically interspersed within the others.

A touch of artistry that is hardly noticeable, but makes a difference.

The design recalls the delicate and feminine necklaces of earlier eras but is clearly contemporary.

Full of creative verve, elegant in a non-formal way, and meticulously fabricated, this is a piece of sculptural jewelry that can be worn with sweaters, suits – with anything, really – and will always excite attention and admiration.

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Black Onyx, Sterling Silver


23 1/2" L including pendants