Royston Turquoise “Slinky” Choker



Heishi – little disks of stones and shells, is an ancient form of jewelry. Nowadays, it is now much more refined than the lumpy chunks and irregular disks of old.

Joe Pacheco is a veteran of this style, and this moss green choker is a handsome example.

The material is turquoise, probably Royston, noted for its variety of soft greens, with a warm, toasty matrix.

The turquoise is natural but needed to be hardened in order to slice, dice, drill, sand, and polish into these beautifully graduated, little disks.

So, it was stabilized, hardened with polyurethane to fill its pores, so it won’t crumble while forming disks.

Even with contemporary tools, there is usually a pile of broken materials when making heishi; it is both labor-intensive, and material intensive.

Here, the disks are each separated by a tiny cylinder of shiny brown, baby olive shell, entirely natural.

This design gives the necklace the look of the popular “slinky” toy; every disk stands out, no matter how small.

A non-gender design, this happily works just as well for men, as for women.

Perfectly suited to casual wear, this choker also looks great going to work (for women and trendy guys).

It is understated, with that lovely moss green hue, and will be worn often, by whoever is lucky enough to snag it.

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