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Royston Turquoise Dangles


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Tommy Jackson is renowned for his colorful, wearable jewelry that is eagerly collected all over the world.

Here, he departs from his more customary modern inlay to create pretty earrings that are beautifully classic – or retro, if you prefer.

Fine, natural Royston turquoise lends its elongated teardrop form to the dotted silver that surrounds it.

The natural turquoise is a true turquoise hue, with the earthy matrix that is characteristic of the best Royston mine stones.

Flattering, and elegant in their proportions, these are kept simple, the better to show off the beautiful, rounded stones.

Eminently wearable, these classic earrings are hand fabricated by a recognized master.

With a timeless design, today’s high level of workmanship, and stones that match in quality, these are both traditional, and modern.

And beautiful!

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Sterling Silver I Natural Royston Turquoise


2 3/8" L x 5/8" W