Royston Turquoise and Silver Mesh Earrings


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Some artists just can’t help themselves they simply must try new ideas; here is a brilliant innovation by this creative jeweler from Zuni. Glamorous cinematic ladies were more alluring when wearing a veil over their eyes; think Marlene Dietrich and Bette Davis, for example.

This handsome green Royston turquoise is even more attractive when peeking out behind the web of fine silver wires. Petite but powerfully noticeable, these posts are demurely classic – except for that veil of lacy silver.

A gentle D-shape, they conform to the form of the earlobes, and are edged by a neat frame of chiseled silver in a rope design. Wear them alone, or pair them with the matching Royston and silver mesh ring, by the same artist. These earrings combine understated, tailored  chic with a slightly naughty difference! The price is another nice surprise.

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Sterling Silver I Royston Turquoise


5/8" long x 1/2" wide