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Round Undersea Pendant


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Living in the desert, the artist has created a piece that depicts underwater plants and coral!

The sinuous forms conform to the round shape of the pendant itself. An adroitly placed pattern of textures gives the illusion of movement; you can almost feel the water moving through coral and sea grasses. The center coral accents the piece with color, and also accentuates the theme. The gold bezel makes the mix richer, and resembles the petals of a sea flower.

On the back, there are two fish, beautifully cut out of the silver, to reinforce the ocean motif. This back piece is flat; the front of the pendant is domed, so it is hollow. This is a wonderful piece of contemporary silver work, by a noted artist who is always looking for new horizons.

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14k Gold, Coral, Sterling Silver


1" deep, 2" diameter