Round Silver and Gold Buckle


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From the time he was mentored by Ray Scott, about 25 years ago, Kee has become recognized as one of the most accomplished jewelers, specializing in the overlay technique.

This fabulous buckle is an example, and a departure.

Known especially for translating ancient petroglyph symbols to sterling silver, the artist here has opted for one, large symbol, creating a contemporary look from an age-old design.

The angular spiral is variously known as the sign of migration, the path of life, the river of life, and a wind and storm cloud sign.

Glittering in highly polished silver, it is chiseled in repetitive parallel lines.

Laid over the circular background, it is a gleaming contrast to the hammered, darkened, base.

A dome of solid, 14-karat gold marks the central end of the symbol, adding another contrast – this one, of warm gold against icy silver.

Striking in its seeming simplicity, and interplay of angles and circles, this buckle conveys an ancient meaning in a stunningly modern design.

Suitable for both men and women, this beautifully crafted buckle will enhance jeans and dress trousers, alike.

A finely fabricated, dramatic design by this noted jeweler.

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