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Rosy Carved Micaceous Pot


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Amazingly innovative and creatively curious, this renowned potter loves to experiment, but her pieces all share an elegant simplicity and grace.

This typically exquisite seed pot is adorned in a modern version of the ancient “corrugated” style. Instead of rough thumbprints, the artist has achieved sharply defined rows of arrow-like designs. Notice how the corrugation is successively more diminutive as it travels up to the neck of the piece; this enhances and accentuates the form of the pot. The natural clay is covered with diminutive pinpoints of subdued sparkle. Instead of a pure white, the micaceous clay has a delicately rosy tint, which adds to its gently glittering allure.

Whether it reminds you of crocheted lace, or a fragile sea creature, this seed pot is a superb example of a legendary contemporary potter’s work.


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Natural Micaceous Clay


4 3/4" high x 11" diameter