Rose and Bee Pendant


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Another member of this large family of notable jewelers, he has continued the family legacy of creative, distinctive jewelry – now famous for three generations, at least.

This deliciously shaped pendant is fabricated with great care and skill. It seems as delicate as the wild rose it portrays, but is actually nice and sturdy.

The combination of a wild rose and a bee is a longtime favorite motif in Pueblo arts.

Bees help to propagate plants, including crops, so are important, as well as beautiful.

Here, the gracefully formed rose is slightly concave, with marvelously shaped and etched petals, and a solid center.

Perched atop the bottom of the rose, is a little bee, with a limpid, oval amber in its body.

The natural amber glows with a beautiful, red hue when seen from the front; it is gold as honey when seen from the side.

The bee is three-dimensional, applied over the flower, so it seems as if it just alighted on the rose.

The silver wings are textured, in subtle contrast to the chiseling of the petals, and the head and thorax are solid, just like the rose’s center.

The design is marvelous, integrated in shapes, proportions and the surface finishes.

As lovely as a natural flower and bee, but non-wilting, this pendant is really splendid, in all aspects.

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