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Rosasite Pendant with Gold Miner


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Not turquoise, not malachite, not azurite, rosasite is a most unusual mineral found in the “oxidation zone of copper and zinc. It is named for the mine in Sardinia where most is found, the Rosas mine. Rare, uncommon, unknown, this material is perfect for the individual creativity of George Willis. A Choctaw who has long lived and worked in California, George is renowned for jewelry that is truly unique to his vision. This spectacular pendant is an example of his personal style, unconnected to that of other Native artists. A large, chunk of the rock containing rosasite has been shaped into a teardrop oval. Parts are polished, notably the rich green rosasite at the right, and the area of rock that protrudes, on the left. The porous rock is left in its natural state in the center of the piece, where a faint green tinge is seen all over, almost like a little moss. That is more rosasite, but evidently the rock was not stable enough to polish it all.Or, the artist wanted to show how prospecting is really done.At the bottom right, a tiny figure in 14-karat gold is sprawled across the rock-face. This miniature prospector holds a pickax in one hand, chipping away at the ore. His other, tiny hand clutches the face of the mine, and his feet are braced, as well. Small as it is, the figure is amazingly detailed: the pickax, hat, and limbs are all clearly discernible. Gleaming, warm-hued gold stands out in beautiful contrast to the earthy tones of the rock. The silver surround and bezel are textured, and the bezel is irregularly shaped, to mimic the rocks. A scattering of tiny silver “pebbles” lies on the bottom of the frame; like loose rocks.The same pebbly silver decorates a path across the polished silver bail. With its jagged, craggy texture and protuberant form, the mass of the rosasite contrasts pleasingly with the smoothly polished areas and the glitter and gleam of the metals. Rugged, yet with a certain elegance, this pendant fits in perfectly with the earthy, natural, and somewhat bohemian look that is in the fashion forefront now. It will be a spectacular enhancement to all the casual, textured clothes of fall and winter.Every bit of this pendant if hand made, of course, and very unusual, which is usual for George! Wear this and have patience with all the people who will stare at it with admiration and questions.

Sterling Silver, Rosasite, 14k Gold

Width: 1 1/4″ Height: 3″ Depth: 3/4″