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Rosarita & Turquoise Spider Pin


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The talented wife of talented Michael Dukepoo finds time from caring for three little children to create stunning inlaid jewelry.

This vibrant spider is ready to dazzle any outfit.

The upbeat combination of blue turquoise and brilliant red rosarita is sophisticated and dramatic.

Rosarita is a stone derived from gold mining.

Spider pins are a long-standing traditional form, on Native jewelry.

Casaundra’s feminine touch is seen in the curvaceous grace of the piece.

Her award-winning skill is obvious, especially in the inlaid red coral and turquoise edges.

This pin speaks for itself: shapely, deliciously colored, with fine workmanship.

An updated classic that enhances everything it adorns, it will look just as striking for generations.



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Natural Red Coral, Natural Rosarita, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 1/2" W x 2" L x 3/8" thick