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Rosarita Spider Pin


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Spider and bug pins have a long history in Native jewelry of the Southwest.

Since it was created by the Michael Dukepoo, this pin is particularly elegant and polished.

Mysteriously beautiful, mahogany red, rosarita forms the head and body, in dusky contrast with the bright silver legs, bezels, and accents.

Rosarita is a coveted and rare by-product of gold mining, and has a translucent, glossy surface.

The two stones are formed into ovals, one small, for the head, and a nicely large one for the body.

Gleaming silver domes form the eyes, supported by inlaid russet pipestone, as is the body.

The legs have been shaped into flat edges, curved, so they really glimmer with the light.

Sleekly art deco in looks, this urbane spider is suave and handsome, and will happily stay on shoulders, lapels, hats, belts, or wherever you choose.

An updated classic, this pin speaks for itself: shapely and refined, with fascinating, hand-cut stones and fine workmanship.

With its unusual good looks, it enhances everything it adorns, and will look just as striking for generations.

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Pipestone, Rosarita, Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L x 2" W x 5/8" H