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Rosarita Dragonfly Pin


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This is a particularly gorgeous version of the artist’s internationally famed dragonfly pin. Perfect proportions, the finest materials, impeccable workmanship – no wonder these pins have become the artist’s signature. They are elegant showstoppers perched anywhere, or even pinned to a silver collar, like Al Joe’s (see our Necklace page)! The flame-red stone is rosarita, a rare material that is a byproduct of gold mining. Like obsidian, it is formed by extreme heat that is naturally caused. Smooth, icy sterling silver damps the fire of the rosarita, while the piece of natural turquoise provides a complementary shade that accentuates each color. The silver base is subtly curved, adding to the grace of the piece, and suggesting the darting flight of a dragonfly. Another magnificent and wearable piece by this top award-winning master of contemporary jewelry.

Sterling Silver, Rosarita, Natural Turquoise

Width: 2 3/4″ Height: 2 7/8″