Rosarita and Turquoise Cuff

Causandra Dukepoo


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Casaundra is an award-winning jeweler, married to another award-winning jeweler, Michael Dukepoo.

They are noted for a similar vision: beautifully simple, sleek inlaid pieces, using high-quality stones. This eye-catching bracelet is all that.

It is expertly inlaid with chunks of various, natural, turquoise stones that stand out against a medley of inlaid Rosarita pieces.

The upbeat combination of brilliant turquoise hues and deep red Rosarita is sophisticated and dramatic.

The natural variations, in both the different pieces of turquoise and the markings of the Rosarita, along with the asymmetrical and varied shapes of the stones, give the bracelet an appealing liveliness.

“Rosarita is a unique material, which derives its exceptionally rich, red color from the process of gold refining. It is a unique by-product of the 1960s and 1970s gold refining processes.”

Among the natural turquoise varieties inlaid in this bracelet are: Sleeping Beauty, Blue Gem, Morenci, and Kingman.

The canted and polished silver edges of the cuff are chiseled, once on each side. This subtly repeats the oblique lines of some of the inlaid stones.

With the different sizes and shapes of the inlaid turquoise and Rosarita stones and the markings that differ among them, there is an animated rhythm to the design that is very attractive, in addition to the lively color scheme.

Flawless workmanship, an unusual combination of materials, a beautiful, striking design, all in one, wonderful bracelet.

An updated classic that enhances everything you wear, it will look just as splendid for generations.

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