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Rosarita and Silver Band


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This accomplished jeweler is also an internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning, flute maker, performer, and educator in Native American flute traditions!

Hard to decide which to do, when your talents overflow into many mediums, but lately, he has been concentrating on jewelry – to great praise and success.

As a Plains tribal member, his inspirations are not necessarily the same as those of southwestern Native jewelers, so his pieces are similar, but refreshingly different.

This ring is typical of his work: refined in workmanship and understated in design, with a powerful presence, and a wonderful, sought-after, stone.

The hefty silver shank has been hand-stamped with symbols different from the usual southwestern ones, and then darkened.

Precisely placed and sized to fit the shank, the stone is the rare and beautiful Rosarita, a glassy by-product of gold mining.

Surrounded by a simple frame of highly polished silver, the stone, of deepest crimson red, is pillowed.

That smooth shape and rounded surface contrasts handsomely with the darkened and textured silver shank.

Impressive in design, stone, and workmanship, this is a splendid ring; a real prize for the lucky wearer!




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Natural Rosarita, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

13 1/4


Face is 3/8" H x 5/8" W | Shank is 1/4" W