Rolled Cuff with Bisbee


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“Less is more”, and this sleek and simple, narrow cuff lives up to that, beautifully.

The highly polished silver is rolled and round, except at the flared ends.

There is no embellishment on the silver so that all attention is drawn to the splendidly gorgeous, natural Bisbee turquoise.

Bisbee is no longer a working mine, so the previously coveted turquoise is even more precious, now.

It is one of the top three most prized types of turquoise from the southwest, renowned for its clear, brilliant blue and dark, almost maroon, matrix.

This magnificent stone is a perfect example of the very best Bisbee.

Simplicity is more difficult than florid decoration since there is no way to cover up slips.

The silverwork, here, is just as impeccable as the stone, perfectly smooth and gleaming.

All eyes are directed to that glorious turquoise, set so that it seems to dangle from the cuff, making it even more eye-catching.

Simple, but fabulous, this elegantly understated cuff will go everywhere and dazzle those in the know about exceptional turquoise and fine workmanship.

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Natural Bisbee Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/4" + 1 1/8"gap | 6 3/8" all around


Stone is 5/8" L x 3/4" W | Cuff is almost 1/4" W