“Rock Face” Dangles


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Morris Muskett is a fascinating artist. He began his creative career as a weaver, quitting his civil engineering his job to pursue a serious study of traditional weaving techniques. Male weavers are non-traditional in Navajo culture, so this was extraordinary, in several ways.

He was a featured artist at the Wheelwright Museum, in Santa Fe, focussing on his weavings.

Recently, his creativity has expanded to include jewelry-making which, he says like his textile work is “innovative and different, yet traditional at the same time.”

His jewelry is influenced by old styles but infused with modern design – like these unusual earrings.

With an irregular shape and stamped designs, they resemble rock faces, inscribed with petroglyph marks.

Tiny little domes of silver – and one of 14-karat gold stand out from the flat surface, which is brushed to an antique, pewter sheen.

The gold touch might refer to the sun, but adds a tiny accent of warmth to the dulled surface.

Formed to flatter the natural shape of the ear, with its asymmetry, these earrings are cleanly made, unusual in design, and wearable with everything.

Attractive to wear, they will attract attention, too.

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