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Roadrunner Fetish


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The roadrunner is New Mexico’s official State BIrd, and this carver, noted especially for her horses, has decided to commemorate it in this charming fetish. Roadrunners are amusing, with those spiky feathers standing up from the head like an uncombed mane and the long tail feathers held at a rakish angle. This roadrunner, in appropriately neutral-hued Picasso marble, shows off both, and is poised to scurry at the slightest alarm. Most feathered roadrunners do not have blue eyes, but the inlaid turquoise here is a nice contrast and makes the fetish bird look even more alert. This beguiling carving would be a fine addition to a fetish collection, a great start to a new one, and/or a fine remembrance of New Mexico. Together with a coyote fetish you would have your own, 3-dimensional cartoon!

Picasso Marble, Turquoise

Width: 2 5/8″ Height: 1 5/8″ Depth: 1/2″