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Roadrunner Fetish


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We are glad to introduce Maegan Shetima, the young niece of well-known fetish carver Jeff Shetima.

Maegan learned by watching her uncle, and has created this beautifully graceful and expertly finished roadrunner, the official bird of New Mexico.

The subtle markings of the Picasso marble stone are all within a brownish-greyish palette, very similar to the actual bird’s coloration.

Bright blue turquoise eyes, tail raised, and pointy beak alert, he is sleeker and more polished (in all senses) than real roadrunners, the better to display, caress and enjoy.

A new generation of fetish carvers has a very distinguished beginning; we welcome more to come!


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2 3/7" L x 1/2" H x 7/8" W


Picasso Marble