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River Ring with Bisbee Turquoise


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A second-generation jeweler, he is bringing tradition into the 21st century.

Michael uses time-tried materials and techniques to create modern designs, as in this splendid ring.

Continuing his “river” series, the shank of the ring is bisected by a narrow, sinuous silver band that winds its way across from end to end.

This represents flowing water, probably the most precious resource there is, especially in the arid high desert.

On one side of this gleaming river, of the shank is darkened, and matte; the other side is with dots and fine lines.

The lines symbolize rainfall, and the dots, raindrops. This area is polished but slightly antiqued.

Set in the center front, but overhanging the band, is a magnificent, natural Bisbee turquoise, which is unusually thick.

The rich blue of the stone also refers to water, and its characteristic maroon matrix recalls the land.

Bisbee is one of the most coveted of all southwestern turquoise, because of its distinctive beauty, and its rarity.

The Bisbee, Arizona mine has been closed for years, although some lesser forms of the stone are still available.

However, this, richest and purest blue coloration is the best quality, and usually, only found in someone’s longtime cache.

The stone’s bezel is broad and sturdy, with the deeply chiseled lines, repeating the rainfall lines on the shank.

In both design, and theme, this ring is fully integrated: rain and water, the ultimate good luck, is aligned with the finest of stones, and an artistic design, fabricated with complete mastery.

True to Navajo tradition, there is also beauty on the inside, where cloud shapes float on either side of the artist’s hallmark.

Yours to know, and perhaps, to share, if you wish!

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Natural Bisbee Turquoise, Sterling Silver

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Stone is 1/2" L x 3/8" W | Shank is 3/8" W, Stone is 1/8" Thick