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River of Life Inlaid Cuff


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A tour-de-force by this prize-winning young artist. Noted for his sophisticated way with inlay, he has reached new heights with this magnificent bracelet.

Everything – the stones, the workmanship and the design – is equally remarkable and of the highest quality. A beautiful rainbow of cut stones curves over the dark luster of black jade.

Primarily of aqueous natural turquoise in varied hues, this “river of life” is accented with punches of complementary purple sugilite and red coral – all natural, as well.

Sprinkled over the blackness of the jade, are little domes of turquoise, and an islet of sugilite, coral and turquoise.

In an dazzling, virtuoso gesture he has hidden a smooth, mosaic inlay of natural turquoise inside the piece! Look at the extra photos, to view that.

Whichever way you look at this splendiferous bracelet, the River runs deep, pure, and everlastingly majestic.

Splendiferous, with everything; just as dazzling with sweaters and t-shirts. It will amortize in no time!


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Coral, Sugilite, Inlaid Natural Black Jade, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Wrist Size

6 7/8"

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size

1 3/8"


1 1/2"