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Ride ‘Em Rabbit


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Navajo folk art emerged from necessity. Way out on the desert, far from toy stores — if any store-bought toy were even affordable – parents and children had to fashion their own playthings from whatever was available and expendable.

Many toys were sculpted crudely from mud, and sun-dried, but bits of wood were also carved. They mostly reflected the world around: horses, sheep, riders, animals, etc. Eventually, a collector and trader in Farmington, NM saw the potential in these crude but appealing pieces, and even wrote a book about them, and the artists. Navajo folk art took off, and the adult artists began to express their dry humor in the subjects, as in this cowboy rabbit on a motorized carrot.

Wearing a black “reservation ” hat  between his long ears, and decorated, leather chaps over his blue jeans, this bunny looks pleased with his vehicle. The details are carved and painted with care, from his hatband, shirt, vest, and fancy boots. The whole concept is good-natured and just plain fun.

Hand carved from wood, and painted brightly, this brings a smile to everyone’s face. Silly, colorful, well-fashioned, and thoroughly delightful, this will brighten any room and is a terrific way for a child to start appreciating artistry. Or Just put it in your home and enjoy it!

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