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Ricolite Eagle Table Fetish


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One of the finest fetish carvers at Zuni, this much-awarded artist is noted for his finely detailed pieces, and also for his creativity. This imposing eagle is a fine example of both.

The predatory head, with its precisely carved beak, is turned, as if hearing a noise. Wings folded, his sharp claws are clearly depicted, as he rests on a pile of boulders. His feathers are etched in a handsome pattern, along the wings, breast, back, and tail.

What is as striking as the pose and detail of this eagle, is the artist’s manipulation of the stone. The natural patterns in the stone are brilliantly managed, so that the tail feathers end in darker bands, just like a real eagle’s, for instance. The beak, and a dark band that goes from the back of the head right down the wing, also accentuates the form of the eagle. Bright turquoise eyes are a vivid contrast to the greens in the stone, and emphasize the “eagle-eye” alertness of this sacred bird, the Guardian of the Skies.   Even the rocks on which he rests seem realistically marked.

This large, table-sized fetish will embellish your shelf, desk or mantel, while providing you the protection and fierce power of the eagle.

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Natural Ricolite


3 3/4" high x 2 14" wide x 2 1/2" deep