Ricolite Bear with Trout


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Salmon for dinner! That makes for one happy bear; he even seems to be smiling.

Every hair of his furry pelt is distinctly carved. Face, paws, and body are carved with realistic detail; his fur even looks wet, from his plunge into the salmon-filled river.

In contrast to his shaggy fur, his muzzle is polished and hair-free. The salmon is iridescent and glistening, courtesy of a nicely marked and well-carved piece of abalone shell.

Even the rocky bank the bear is standing on is carved in a different pattern from the animal. (Both bear and fish have turquoise eyes – they must be from Hollywood.)

Having him around the house will bring you his strength, wisdom and fishing prowess, and bring you great pleasure in watching him.

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Abalone Shell, Ricolite, Turquois


4" L x 2 1/4" W x 1 7/8" H