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Ricolite Badger


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The modern style of fetish carving tries for great naturalism, in contrast to the traditional style, which features an abstract form suggestive of the animal, but not detailed.

Herbert Him is of the modern school, as you can see in this handsome badger. He is also known for his choice of beautiful stones, and wonderfully manipulating their markings in his designs.

Here is a long, low badger, Guardian of the South, according to Zuni lore, whose body is gracefully emphasized by the horizontal stripes of the ricolite, a form of serpentine found in New Mexico.

The head is turned toward one side, and carved with precise realism. Look at the ears, the muzzle, the alert expression, even without the intense blue eyes.

His bushy tail is carved, and so is the very realistic stripe down his back (even though badgers are not usually this sleek, sexy green).

Herbert has won many awards for his beautiful carvings. He not only chooses wonderful stones, he uses their characteristic markings to accentuate his carving.

The badger is thought to help medicine men find the herbs and plants needed for their healing.

Serene in coloration and bearing, but alert at the same time, this badger will watch over your home with beauty and heal your spirit, every time you look at him.


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Ricolite, Turquoise


4" long x 1 5/8" wide x 3/4" high