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Reversible Turquoise Pendant on Silver Beads


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Wow! This is a spectacular piece by this prolific and prodigious artist. Avidly collected on an international basis, Tommy Jackson is known for spectacular designs, stones and metalwork.

Here, he presents a wardrobe of jewelry in one magnificent piece: silver beads, that can be worn separately from the pendant; a finely worked applique pendant of polished and textured silver with a handsome, natural Candelaria turquoise on one side; the reverse of the pendant, with a completely different silver design centered with a magnificent, deep teal, natural Morenci turquoise. The pendant can also be worn separately, on different collars or chains, for at least 5 different ways to wear this one piece.Even the bail is adorned with an applique rain sign, to coordinate with the rest of the pendant.

Sensationally beautiful turquoise in equally marvelous silver, by a noted, award-winning artist is calling your name!

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Pendant Width

2 3/8"

Pendant Height

3 5/8"


Natural Candelaria Turquoise, Natural Teal Morenci Turquoise, Sterling Silver