Reversible Spiny Oyster Shell Pendant

Shane Hendren


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This luscious pendant is deliciously curvaceous and ornamental; it has the look of a victorian antique.

But no, it is a recent creation of this multi-tasking rodeo champion, horse trainer, Indian art activist and executive, and award-winning jeweler.

Real men can make whatever they like – and make it with panache.

Shane formed the silver into a series of opulent curves, ornamented with chased, scored and chiseled areas.

“Chasing” forms the design, on the front and back, by pushing the metal in.

Chasing allows for detailed and complex designs, generally.

Combined with minuscule chisel work on the edges, the ornate swirls of silver are minutely textured, and applied to a darkened silver base of the same shape.

At the center of the piece is an elongated U- shape of natural spiny oyster shell, in a cheerful coral-y orange.

The smoothly polished surface is typically striated, which adds more visual texture to the piece.

A tiny round of brilliant teal, natural turquoise marks the bottom of the pendant, adding to the vivacity of the piece with an additional round form.

Even the bail is chased and scored to match, and the entire back is ornamented with an elegant and luxurious, all-over pattern with flowers and arabesques.

Fully reversible, this is really two pendants in one, and both are magnificent.

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