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Reversible Mosaic Inlay Link Bracelet


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Married into the Reano family of distinguished mosaic jewelers, Charlene learned from her in-laws so well, that she herself now does the designing, cutting and inlaying – piece by piece, by hand. Her husband does the final polishing and grinding of the shells and stones. She has won many prestigious awards since starting on her own in the 1980’s.

This stunning bracelet has two very different color arrangements. The mellow palette of soft green turquoise, punctuated by accents of orange, red and purple spiny oyster shell, clamshell and denim lapis, evokes a sunny summer garden, with a soft breeze in the air. Reddish spiny oyster shell beads separate each square. The reverse side is all about the shade, with rich purple spiny oyster shell predominating and pale yellow, like the sun peeking through shadows.

Each side of the bracelet has a bold pattern of rich color in a small, intricate scale. Each side is radiant in a different way; it will add vibrant color to different outfits. There are earrings by the same artist that will brilliantly complement each color palette. Brighten the grey days of winter, or echo sunshine-y Spring and Summer with this eye-catching and very unusual bracelet.

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Sugilite, Clam Shell, Denim Lapis, Mother of Pearl, Natural Turquoise, Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


7 1/2"