Reversible Man in the Maze Pendant


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With celebrated jewelers in their families (Bernard Dawahoya and Paul Saufkie), this couple has continued the tradition of bold, crisp overlay designs traditional to the Hopi.

This pendant features an iconic motif: the man in the maze. The maze is likened to the path of life, complete with dead-ends. It is an ancient symbol, and only artists belonging to certain clans are allowed to create it.

This piece is cleanly graphic, flawless in execution, and immediately attention-getting. But wait – turn it over, and you have a completely different, but equally dramatic, pendant! Kokopelli, the hunchbacked seed-blower, is a paramount kachina and symbol for the Hopi and other Pueblo people. He represents the bringer of life – he blows the seeds that create all life, from plants to animals. This Kokopelli is dramatically bold in size, form, and contrast with the gleaming polished silver of the background. The stepped design at his feet evokes the steps of a kiva, the secret ceremonial chamber, or terraced fields, and even, the rain that helps the seeds to germinate.

This pendant has two strong and beautifully executed designs, that are laden with ancient symbols but look very modern. Explaining the story about the side you choose to exhibit is part of the pleasure of wearing it; the pleasure of having two pendants in one is another. The bail is large enough to slip over silver beads, heishi, or other necklaces, so the versatility is almost endless.

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