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Reversible Maiden Pendant


Reversible figural pendant: one side all silver maiden, stamped and chiseled; other side, spiny oyster shell face, gold diagonal band with rain signs, dots of lapis, turquoise and blue tourmaline.

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A pretty little Hopi maiden, all dressed up with touches of gold and colorful stones. Her “face” is a dramatic, red spiny oyster shell, and her body is adorned with a 14-karat gold sash, some colorful stones, and more touches of gold. The polished gold and silver elements show up beautifully against the textured silver background.

Stepped rain signs decorate the sash, and the medley of blue stones accentuate the theme of water – a blessing in the desert. Tiny, raised silver and gold circles gleam in between bright blue turquoise, rich, dark lapis, and a sparkling aqua gemstone. This is a luxuriously adorned lady, dressed to impress. Surprise! She has a companion!  Turn the pendant over to see her.

On the reverse side is the country cousin: all silver, no stones, no gold, just precise and detailed hand stamping. Her typical hairdo of two buns on either side of the face is clearly visible; her features are too. She is wrapped in a lovely blanket, decorated with rug designs and crosses which might symbolize dragonflies, or the world-wide extent of blessings. The stamping and chiseling that defines the blanket is beautifully arranged to show her closely wrapped, with a handsome necklace around her throat.

City girl and country girl; two looks, both lovely, in one pretty pendant. And the bail is wide enough to slip over small beads.

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14k Gold, Lapis, Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver, Tourmaline, Turquoise


2 7/8" long x 7/8" wide, bail diameter 1/2"