Reversible Inlaid Multi-stone Tab Necklace

Charlene Sanchez Reano



Married into the Reano family of distinguished mosaic jewelers, Charlene learned from her in-laws so well, that she herself does the designing, cutting and inlaying – piece by piece, by hand.

Her husband does the polishing and grinding of the shells and stones.  She has won many prestigious awards since starting on her own in the 1980’s.

This stunning necklace has two different color arrangements that seem to range from blue summer skies and vivid flower gardens to a softer, earthier palette on the other side.

The bright blue turquoise, white, white clamshell, and blazing inlay of spiny oyster shell and apple coral, on the one side, is accented with jet and dark mother of pearl which cool down the summery warmth a bit.

On the other side, a mellow palette of soft greenish turquoise with toasty matrix, punctuated by accents of coral and orange spiny oyster, dark blue lapis and jet, suggests a more muted landscape. Even the blue turquoise has matrix patterns, which moderates the brilliance.

Each side proclaims a striking pattern of color in a small, intricate scale. Each side gleams with luminosity from mother of pearl and clamshell.

What is equally remarkable, aside from the bilateral color combinations, is the subtly varied pattern that the different sized tabs, themselves, create.

There is no room on this necklace for a mark, so she has “signed” it by including one little piece that doesn’t match on each side.

In the first large photo, it can be seen at the top right, second from the top. Looking at the greenish side, find the left side, second piece from the top.

Perfect for traveling; since it has two different color schemes and designs, it is two necklaces in one – and light on the neck!

At home or on the road, day or night, this is a gorgeous piece by a famous jeweler at the top of her exacting art.

There are earrings by this fine artist, that would complement both sides (at far lesser cost, of course).





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