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Reversible Gold Petroglyph Pendant with Large Coral


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Mentored by some of the finest jewelers (Norbert Peshlakai, the late Gibson Nez, Raynard Scott), Kee Yazzie has long been celebrated for his beautiful designs featuring ancient petroglyph symbols. This latest pendant continues this popular motif, but moves into a new level of luxury and splendor. A substantial gauge of sterling silver has been textured and slightly darkened, to resemble the rugged rock faces where petroglyph figures have been scratched. However, here, the petroglyph designs are in gleaming, glossy 14-karat gold, applied onto the corrugated silver background. The contrast of color, texture and form is striking, and the smoothly polished gold brings a new sumptuousness to the piece. Good luck is indicated by the hand of blessing and protection, with a dragonfly etched into it for added good luck. Bears also symbolize protection, as well as hunting prowess, and the turtle and water spirals add to the load of good luck. (Water is the source of life and keenly appreciated in the high desert.) To balance the water, there are gold suns; the crosses indicate the blessings are spread to the four corners of the earth.Glowing like a supernatural sun, itself, the large, richly red, natural coral cabochon adds its flaming beauty. Set into a gold bezel, the warmth of the gold and the coral add up to an understated, but gorgeous, opulence. Perfectly smooth, rounded and pillowed high, the extraordinary coral gleams like a jewel in a crown. It is just as precious as a ruby, since natural coral of the highest quality is becoming more and more rare.On the reverse, a lively display of stamped petroglyph figures cavort across a shining surface of polished silver. This side can be worn in alternation with the more luxurious gold and coral side. Two fabulous pendants in one!

Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, Natural Coral

Coral: 1/2″ W x 3/4″ H Width: 1 1/4″ Height: 3 1/4″ Depth: 3/8″