Reversible Flower Pendant

Wilma Hunter


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Cody Hunter is justly admired- and awarded prizes – for the detail and texture of his scenes of traditional Navajo life.

His talent is echoed by his wife, Wilma, who took time to smell a wild rose, in this lovely pendant.

Appliqued on a background of darkened silver, the shining petals and graceful tendrils of the flower stand out, literally, from the surface.

A dome of 14-karat gold forms the center of the flower, adding a warm glow to the silver.

A few dots of gold are interspersed with the silver dots and tiny domes, sprinkled on the surface like raindrops.

A narrow, gleaming silver frame also sits above the background, creating a shadowbox effect.

Together with the high polish of the flower and the broad, gleaming bail, the glitter pleasantly carries the eye all around the piece, in every direction.

This pretty floral design’s curls and curves contrast delightfully, with the strict rectangular form of the piece.

But there’s more to this pendant than a pretty flower: Turn the pendant over, and you have a different piece of jewelry altogether!

Here, a collection of ancient petroglyph symbols floats across the dark surface of the silver, with nary a flower in sight.

We see a human figure, an antelope or goat, crosses that represent stars, a crescent moon, the wavy arrow signifying lightning, thunderstorms, the spiral river of life, with the hand of blessing and protection, in the center.

In addition, there are two, little gold suns.

All symbols refer to good fortune, good health, happiness and prosperity: hunted animals mean meat; water, flowing and raining,means crops will thrive. Therefore, people will, too.

The large cross, that looks a bit like a flattened toy jack, symbolizes the hope that all these blessings extend to the four corners of the world.

Although delicate in design, the pendant is substantial, and also boasts a bail wide enough to slide over almost any beads or heishi (3/4″ diameter).

Two marvelous pendants in one finely executed piece!

You can change one look to the other with a quick readjustment of the beads or chain. Welcome to the other Hunter jewelry artist!



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