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Reversible Flower Necklace


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A native of San Felipe Pueblo, but married into Santo Domingo Kewa, she and her husband Frank, collaborate on their prize-winning mosaic jewelry.

He usually cuts, grinds and polishes the materials, while Charlene designs and inlays the pieces. This gorgeous, reversible flower necklace is a typically versatile example.

A lustrous strand of hand-cut, natural white clamshell heishi ends in a striking flower  pendant.

On one side, the petals are inlaid with a mosaic of fabulously rich, royal purple sugilite. The center mosaic is an artistic contrast in warmly blushing apple coral.

The two colors brilliantly complement each other, with the purple glamorous and mesmerizing; the glowing orange/red coral a perfect foil.

On the other side, a totally different mood is evoked. The chevron pattern of turquoise is clearly visible, and the variety of blue and greenish stones is visually more interesting because of the earthy brown matrix strewn throughout.

The center of this Spring-like flower is glistening mother of pearl, like sunlight on dew.

The two sides are like night and day – and equally delightful to wear.

The petals are arranged so that the “flower” can also be interpreted as the symbol for the four corners of the earth.

The beauty of the piece is meant to extend all over the world, day and night.

A wonderful piece, especially for travelers; you have two necklaces in the same piece. It is lighthearted and casual, as well as stunning, beautifully suited to our informal way of life.

Laboriously and beautifully fabricated entirely by hand, just as the entire piece is, the little inlaid square, midway up the heishi strand, is the artist’s signature.

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19 1/2" long, Flower is 3" x 3"


Apple Coral, Mother of Pearl, Natural White Clamshell, Purple Sugilite, Turquoise