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Reversible Doughnut Pendant


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“Chino”, and “Acoma Pueblo”, usually refer to fine pottery, but here is a fine jeweler from Acoma Pueblo, named Tony Chino!

This ingenious pendant is meticulously hand fabricated in sterling silver, with a multitude of stones,  and is as handsome as it is unusual.

A plump doughnut in form, it is good enough to eat but much better enjoyed when worn.

The center is a square hole, and one side presents an all-silver face to the world, with five, small, fluted half-beads standing up like meringue on a pie.

The other side showcases two, stabilized, green turquoise rectangles, flanked by two oval, natural garnets that glow like red wine.

Smaller, flattened and fluted, silver half-beads nestle between the stones, which are raised, in plain silver bezels.

Wait, there is even more! all around the rim of the pendant is series of inlaid stones: green turquoise to match the ones on top; divided by narrow bands of mother of pearl, deep green malachite, spiny oyster shell, red coral, jet, sugilite, and light blue turquoise.

When you hang this wonderfully different pendant on a chain, ribbon, or whatever, the inlaid rim will be visible, as well as both sides.

As you can see in this gorgeous little pendant, Tony is no minimalist, preferring a lavish amount of decoration and color.

His baroque sensibility is always tempered by a careful composition, often symmetrical, that keeps the piece grand and opulent, even in this small size.

A very pleasing visual balance is the result, despite the variety of materials.

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Inlaid Malachite, Inlaid Sugilite, Natural Garnets, Black Jet, Inlaid Lapis, Inlaid Mother of Pearl, Inlaid Natural Coral, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Stabilized Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1/2" Thick, 1" Diameter