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Reversible Bird Pendant


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A two -sided work by two noted artists. Ruddell provides the silver work and Nancy does the inlaid and etched stonework. They are particularly famous for their wonderful bird designs, and you get two little masterpieces in one beautiful pendant here.

On one side, a lovely traditional Pueblo symbol: a hummingbird sipping nectar from a wild rose. Delicately etched jet feathers and pink mother of pearl petals are complemented by dainty red coral pistils and a blazing sun. This design is not just pretty, it symbolizes good luck; propagating plants leads to thriving crops, happiness, and good health.

Want a different picture? Just twirl the pendant on its two little pivots, and there you are: a sassy red cardinal sits on a bright green malachite branch, with turquoise leaves, red coral buds, and a delicate white rose at the end. Sweet pastels on one side; blazingly emphatic hues on the other, but with a touch of each on each side. The silver base and framework glisten, creating a handsome background for the exquisite, inlaid designs.

With a bail large enough to support a substantial silver chain, or heishi, this two-for-one pendant is doubly wonderful. Celebrated artists, beautiful design, colors and workmanship, and something to occupy your fingers while waiting around! That’s more than doubly wonderful.

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1 3/4"


Coral, Jet, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, Pen Shell, Pink Mussel Shell, Sterling Silver, Turquoise