Reversible Alabaster Eagle Sculpture

Orval Joe


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A beautifully abstract sculpture of an eagle – the sacred bird that carries prayers and hope up to the heavens. Despite the simplified form, the piece is definitely an eagle, encompassing beauty, grace, and ferocity.The ruddy hues of the alabaster suggest the reflection of sunset colors on the eagle’s wings and head. Predatory beak and far-seeing eyes are well-modeled and realistic. At the bottom, the alabaster is scratched out and polished in a design that looks as if the eagle is emerging from a basket, or piece of pottery. Or, it might recall the peaks of mountains, far below the eagle’s aerie. Rounded and burnished, this is a very tactile sculpture; you are almost compelled to run your hands over the sinuous form. The base of this eagle is also alabaster, but it is left unpolished, so the hue is a gentle peach, rather than the more emphatic, animated tones of the eagle itself.The other side is quite different: the alabaster silhouette of the eagle’s shape is darker yet; the form is flat and there is a dramatic design scratched out, in the center. This is comprised of two eagle feathers, carefully detailed and crossed, one over the other. There are strings dangling from the top of each, like the ones that attach to dancers’ costumes or headdresses. The feathers seem to be floating against a round sun, whose circular edge is chiseled to resemble rays, or the aura of an eclipse. The artistically arranged dots that make up this circle, gradually become more sparse, until they dissolve into a star-studded sky. Without color or sparkle, the artist has created the illusion of brilliant light and depth. At the bottom, an arrow pierces the artist’s signature mark. Using the natural drama of the stone, and his skillful use of it, the artist has created a powerful sculpture, as imposing as the subject itself. Through beautiful form and artistry, with a minimum of detail, he has given us all the fabled strength and protective quality of this Guardian of the Skies. The size is very household-friendly, but the effect is monumental.


Utah Alabaster


Width: 6 3/4″ Height: 9 1/8″ Depth: 2 1/2″